Monday, May 7, 2012

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an interative real-time behavior management tracker.  Class Dojo allows teachers to create a virtual classroom complete with avatars for each of your students.  Teachers at DBS have the website up on their SmartBoard during class and are able to give students immediate feedback about positive and negative behaviors by rewarding/deducting points and comments. Students are also able to help monitor their behavior by adding points to their name once they have completed a task.  This program is free, easy to use, and motivating to students.  

Check out what some of our teachers have to say about using it in their classes:

Nichole: My kids really use it, and well. I have the dojo up all the time (sometimes minimized) but they award themselves points when they complete a task.  I do not at this time send the reports home. At the end of the week, we use dice as a multiplier for our class bucks. The dinging of the bell gets them alert and ready to focus. Also, I use the app on my iphone to award points remotely. It's AWESOME!

April: It is a great way to help reward the positive behavior that you see from students. We set a goal each week (this week it is 7 positive points) and they earn a punch on their behavior cards each day if they get 7 dojo points. You can do negative points as well, but I have stuck to recognizing the positive.  There is a little "ding" when you give a point and this helps to get the students who might not be doing the right thing when they hear it. I have it on all day and can even give points from my phone when at recess or in the hallways, etc.

Also, if teachers sign up now, they will be grandfathered in when the site starts charging for use.

Linda: I have used Class Dojo to reward positive behavior.  I set it up and picked icons for my students.  Now I put it up a couple of times a day to reward passing in homework, lining up nicely, following directions and/or helping friends.  The first student to reach 10 points gets a reward (a homework pass, a prize from the prize box, etc.) and then I reset the points.  The students really like it.

If you would like more information, or help getting started, ask Amanda, or any of the teachers that are already using it.

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  1. Hi Amanda - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you for the great post about ClassDojo! We really appreciate the support :)

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