Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inspiration and National Parks

Our 4th graders have begun their research project on Western National Parks using the interesting and information National Park Website:  To start their project, they have been tasked with using the program Inspiration to organize their information before they create their Power Point presentation.  Most students had used Kidspiration before and were comfortable with the visual organizer format.

Here are some examples of their mind maps:

Today we will begin taking this information and start creating their Power Point presentations.  For our first lesson we are going to focus on the basics of choosing a template, how to add information to slides, and what type of information is most relevant.  Over the next few class periods, students will learn about adding transitions and effect, adding images, and organizing their information in a way that best conveys their research about their National Park and what makes it special.  Stay tuned for examples next week.

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