Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Bird Tales Project

Most students were able to finish their Little Bird Tale narrative and record their voice on their story. They were very excited to add their own voice to their story and really enjoyed listening to and watching their classmates' stories!
I was so impressed with how quickly the students were able to pick up how to use this website. By the third day in the lab I was able to say log in and get started with editing your project, and at least three-quarters of the class were able to do that without further instruction! The biggest challenge for this project is just the amount of time it takes the students to type their work.

This site seemed to be easy for the students to navigate, and they were focused on completing their story. I definitely will do this again with other classes.

Check out some of the completed tales from our second graders!

2P Little Bird Tales and 2S Little Bird Tales

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