Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 Reasons to Start Using QR Codes in Your Classroom

QR (Quick Response) Codes are not new, but there are still many ways we can start to use them in our classrooms and community.  QR Codes are simply a scannable barcode that provides a link to further content like a website, video, document, map, etc.  This technology used to be contingent on the user having mobile technology like an iPad, iPod or Smart Phone, but is now available through some web browsers.

 Why you should start using QR Codes:
1) They are fun!  They provide the user with more information about a topic through a medium that is interesting and engaging.  In your classroom you could have a map of VT hanging on your wall with QR Codes strategically placed that takes the viewer to more detailed maps, videos linked to specific regions, articles about a specific town or feature of the state, or even student projects.  This also allows students to explore more content at their own pace and to explore topics they find interesting.

2) They are easy!  Simply find related content that you would like to share and generate a QR Code.  Chrome has a QR Code generator that you can install in your browser.  Once you have installed, simply right click on the link to generate a QR Code.  There are many other easy to use QR Code generators.  Check out this QR Code I just created using the Chrome QR Code Generator.

3) Your students already are.  Most of your students, even those at the upper elementary level, already know what QR Codes are and are using them.  Why not bring this technology to your classroom to enhance your students' learning opportunities.  Even better, encourage your students to create QR Codes about a topic you are studying, or a book they are reading.

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