Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why I Still Love Evernote

I started using Evernote at least three years ago, and I admit, I strayed during that time. But with all good things, I found myself back once again.

Evernote is an electronic notebook where I take, organize, and share notes that include images, audio, and much more.  Like other cloud based programs, my information can by synced easily across all of my mobile devices.  What I really LOVE about Evernote is all of the other seamless functions it brings to my life.  Like Pinterest, Evernote has a web clipper where I can, with one click, save an image, website, or text, back to my notebook.  Evernote also works with some of my favorite iPad apps like Skitch and Penultimate.  Evernote also added Evernote Peek for use on the iPad, where you can create study cards that work with the iPad and the smart cover.  What a great way for students to use their notes to create study materials.  Like Google Docs, Evernote allows you to share notes with others and to collaborate on notebooks.

If you haven't ever used Evernote, check it out.  If, like me, you've strayed, maybe give it another look.

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