Thursday, September 27, 2012

Add Questions to YouTube Videos

YouTube has enabled the Video Questions Editor (currently in Beta testing).  This means you can now have students watch a video with questions directly embedded into the video.  This feature can be used on videos you pull from YouTube, and ones that you have created and uploaded.  You can also ask students to find add questions to videos they are using in their research or are related to a topic you are studying.  This exercise is a great way to have students evaluate the content of the video and demonstrate their understanding of the important points to understand in the video.  If you're interested, check out the steps below.

2) Go to your YouTube account and click on Video Manager.  Choose a video to add questions.

3) Click on Questions

Then just add questions and save.  When viewers watch the video the questions will be embedded.  When your viewers have watched the video and answered the questions, you will be able to go back through the analytics page to see how your viewers answered the questions.

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