Friday, September 28, 2012, your own online newspaper

I have spent some time this week playing with, a personal online newspaper creator.  This tool is easy to create.  All you do is create an account, and then pick the the sources you would like to use to compile your newspaper.  You can choose to pull content from Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds of your favorite websites or blogs, pretty much anything you would like to read.  I chose to create an online newspaper from my tweets, my blog posts, and RSS feeds and Twitter feeds that I particularly enjoy reading.  Once your newspaper is created you can have it updated daily or weekly.  I have chosen to have my newspaper compile each week to share with teachers that might enjoy reading articles about education and technology.  I think this is a great tool for busy teachers who don't have time to sift through their Twitter feed never mind check their favorite blogs.  This newspaper will do the work for you.  Another great way to use this tool is to create a newspaper of materials and topics that would be of interest to your students, and share the newspaper with them on a daily or weekly basis.  Check out my newspaper.

Link to my newspaper:

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