Tuesday, September 4, 2012

YouTube for Schools

Soon we will be moving to YouTube for Schools. Yay!

What this means for you:
1) Students will now be directed to YouTube EDU where content is filtered for educational purposes.
2) You can now create playlists of videos to share with your students.
3) You can upload class videos to our secure domain. These videos can be shared with specific users or made public.
4) You can still pull videos from public YouTube, but students will only be directed to YouTube EDU.
5) Thinking about flipping? You can create instructional videos for students to watch on their own.

So make the switch and start searching. There are great resources available like Ted Talks and Discovery.

Check out this article in The New York Times about YouTube for Schools.
YouTube Subtracts Racy and Raucous to Add a Teaching Tool

If you would like help setting up your account, just let me know.

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