Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Phases and Faces of the Moon in 1st Grade

In first grade we have been working a science unit centered around faces and phases of the moon.  Students have been reading the stories, Phases of the Moon by Gilla M. Olson, and Faces of the Moon by Bob Crelin. As they learn about the moon they have been taking notes in their science notebooks, and creating visuals to represent the different moon phases.  During this process we have been working on creating a class VoiceThread to show our understanding of the different phases and faces of the moon, as well as playing around with the app, Stop Motion HD.  One of the student assessments will be for the students to show the different phases in the correct order, and we thought it would be fun to turn these into stop motion movies to play back for the kids.  Today, Suzan (1st grade teacher) and I played around with how this might work (check out our amateur video below).  Check back next week to see our completed VoiceThread and student made Stop Motion videos demonstrating the different phases and faces of the moon.

This project challenges students to gather information from a variety of sources: teacher notes, readings from the two stories, and visuals and movies played in class.  Students then take that information back to record in their science notebooks.  These students are first graders, so there are developmentally appropriate supports in place, like reading the story multiple times, and giving students sentence starters for their notes.  Students are also asked to demonstrate their understanding of the different phases of the moon through their written work and in constructing an accurate representation of the moon phases.

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