Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tech Integration Free Course

Yesterday we kicked off our first class of the year for our Technology Integration Course at the Hartford School District.  This class will be run through a blended learning model where we have some in person meetings, and other times when teachers are responsible for accessing content through our Edmodo site, conducting independent research and work, and engaging in conversation through an online medium.

And while I know that I will be providing a level of support and learning opportunities that cannot be matched through a course run solely online, I am still intrigued by the model of offering free learning to a greater audience.

Free, online continuing Education has seen a dramatic increase in the last few years with such big name institutions as MIT and Stanford offering self-directed courses.  These courses offer students the chance to access content from renowned institutions and professors either for free or for a small fee.  Check out this article from the New York Times about the appeal of online education.

As someone who loves to try new things, and finds value in self-guided learning, I am excited about the increased popularity of these type of learning experiences for myself, and also for our students.  In an effort to increase awareness and engagement in these models, I am offering our Technology Integration Course* to you, for free.  This free, online course will differ in some real ways from the course the participants at the Hartford School District are taking.

3 Ways Your Course Will Differ:
1) You will not be able to access our Edmodo site, instead I will make all material available through Bitly Bundles and Google Docs.  Here, you can add your comments or notes to each resource to share with others in our class.

2) I will not be providing you with feedback.

3) You will not be receiving a grade or credit.  You are engaging in this opportunity solely for the purpose of learning new content.

This is my first time opening up a course to the general public, and it's both exciting and nerve wracking.  It will be a learning experience for me to see if I am offering content in a way that is accessible to those that would like to take this modified version of our class.

If you are interested, please join us.  Check out our first month's assignments through this Bitly Bundle, October Tech Integration Course Plans.  Start each month by reading the Google Doc titled (month) Tech Course Plan.  This document will start with a narrative about our direction for the month, how and which resources to access and explore, and what assignments you should complete.

Information about our course
Course Description:  Teachers will participate in year long technology integration course where they will learn how to effectively integrate mobile technology, construct project based learning opportunities, construct units that address Common Core Standards, collaborate, and co-teach with the technology integrationist.  Throughout the year teachers will participate in bi-weekly planning sessions with the integrationist and team members, bi-weekly co-teaching opportunities, and monthly classes to further support their technology integration skills.
  • Teachers will develop best practices of technology integration, including project based learning opportunities
  • Teachers will employ and model effective co-teaching and learning strategies
  • Teachers will develop lessons and units that teach Common Core Standards and use effective technology integration
  • Teachers will become technology leaders in their school
Content Outline:
  • Develop Digital Citizenship Curriculum
  • Develop Units that teach Common Core Standards
  • Develop Units that incorporate technology and project based learning opportunities
  • Develop a presentation for staff or conference about technology integration
  • Develop a blog or website

Please drop me a note @HartK8 with comments and/or suggestions.

*Technology Course is modified for online, free model.

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