Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WallWisher, Nat Geo, Google Docs, and Earth's Changing Surface

Yesterday at one of our elementary schools, we kicked off our study of Earth's Changing Surface, by exploring this interactive map from National Geographic.  

We started the class by visiting our class WallWisher Wall to answer the question: share one assumption about how forces below effect the land.  In pairs, students posted their thought to our WallWisher board where the whole class was able to read each other's ideas.

Then we opened up our Google Doc that contained the directions for the assignment, and learned how to use the interactive map.  After a few minutes of directions, the students were able to choose the questions they wanted to explore using the map.

After answering their questions, they revisited their WallWisher Wall and added something they learned about how forces below effect the land.  

It was really interesting to watch the students learn how to navigate the different layers like earthquakes and tectonic plates, and to measure how far Vermont is from the nearest volcanic eruption.  Students were able to independently (in pairs) explore the maps and choose areas from our class questions on which to focus their research.  Each student was engaged and able to confirm their previous assumption about how forces below shape the land, or learned something new about how these elements like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions might be connected. 

Check out our walls from both classes.

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