Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why I Think You Should Be On Twitter.

I love Twitter.  I was a late convert and didn't really see why I should get on Twitter.  I was a connected educator, I read blogs, I was on a listserv.  And then I joined Twitter.  And it was just as dramatic as the previous sentence implies.

At first I started slowly by finding organizations and people in the tech world that I wanted to follow.  Then I found tons of great resources, noticed people that I enjoyed reading their posts, and slowly started making connections with other educators around Vermont.  I soon found that not only did I enjoy reading what they have to share, but that I have things to share, and questions to ask.  Twitter became my go-to for tech integration ideas and support.  The wealth of information and ability to receive feedback from others around our state and beyond is a resource all teachers, and really your students must have. While it is 'one more thing' that gets added to our list of things to check and contribute to, I would argue that it should become your first thing, and will probably replace your other things.  

Two easy ways to start:
1) Set up an account for your own professional purposes.  Start following organizations that you already enjoy like Edutopia, Sir Ken Robinson, PBS, Ted Talks, your favorite person from NPR, trust me, they're all on there.  You'll find information that is interesting, and that you will want to bring back to your classroom.

2) Set up a class account.  Use your Twitter account to follow professionals in areas of interest for your class/students.  Share the posts from scientists, authors, historians, etc.  Engage your students in the real conversation that is happening around these topics, and allow them an opportunity to share their thoughts. 

Try it.  You know you want to.

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