Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blogging for Professional Reflection

One of my professional goals this year was to post more regularly on my blog.  I use my blog for a variety of purposes: sharing things that are happening in tech around our district, introducing or sharing resources to our staff, and as a way to reflect on lessons and other professional experiences.  I strongly believe in accountability and reflection as tools for learning and self-growth, and I have found that my blog has been the tool that has helped me facilitate to these practices.  I admit that it is difficult to find the time to write my blog posts, and I always find myself saying, I could be doing something else rather than spending the time to reflect and write these posts.  But I have decided to make it a priority to find the time, and the teachers and administrators in my district are doing some really great things and they deserve to be recognized for their enthusiasm about technology and willingness to try to new things that are often outside of their comfort zone.

I strongly encourage all teachers and administrators to take to their blogs and make it a priority to share that good and the challenging.  I promise you will find it will help you make connections with others who want to see you succeed and you will learn much from taking the time to reflect on all that you do.

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