Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three 30 Minute Tech Sessions for December

I know this time of the year is crazy, but it's also the perfect time to
take a minute and learn something new to share with your students. I am
offering three 30 minute tech workshops in December at Hartford.

The location of the workshop will be determined by the school that has the most participants sign up.  All workshops will last 30 minutes, with an option to stay for a full hour for guided help and question and answer.

If anyone outside of HSD is interested in joining these virtually, I am able to set up a videoconference and will have a backchannel (most likely on Today's Meet) open for questions.  Just email me or contact me on Twitter if you're not at HSD and are interested in 'attending'.

The topics are:
1) Setting up your Google classroom (12/15)
2) Setting up a class site or blog (12/13)
3) Podcasting with students (12/19)

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