Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Professional Development Courses at Marlboro

Marlboro College is offering some great graduate courses around technology.

This looks particularly interesting:

MAT622 - Tranforming Learning with Mobile Devices 
3 credits
Tablets, smartphones, readers and other mobile devices are rapidly becoming part of the learning landscape. This course will explore and evaluate features and resources to leverage when integrating mobile devices in instructional design and curriculum. Course topics will include apps, multimedia, and multimodal resources such as ibooks, ebooks, iTunes U and Open University. There will be a heavy focus on moving beyond consumption into creation and collaboration with mobile devices, using text, audio, images, and video. Personalized learning, accessibility, and other pedagogical considerations will be explored as we pursue a creative inquiry into what type of transformation is possible with mobile devices. This course is fully online and asynchronous; two synchronous online meetings will be arranged once the course starts. A tablet or mobile device with the ability to capture and edit images, videos, and audio, and up to a $50 budget for purchasing apps will be required. This course will focus on iPads/ipod touch/iphone. Other mobile devices may be used instead of Apple devices with permission of the instructor. Please confer with the instructor about using non-Apple devices prior to enrollment.

Check out the full list here: http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/edtech/courses/

Podcasting Tips

Some tips on podcasting.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Google Drive & the Common Core Webinar

Check out this opportunity offered by Richard Byrne. Google Drive and Common Core Flyer 2

Class QR Codes

We are doing a QR Code Activity today in class.  We have posted QR Codes of teacher blogs and class sites (the ones below) on their class doors.  Check our some of our teacher's blogs and sites.

Dec-Jan Tech Integration Course Plans and Assignments

For those of you that are interested in what our technology integration course is up to, here is our plan for class today and assignments for this month (modified somewhat for public posting).

December-January Course Plans and Assignments

This month we are going to focus on how we can use technology to make connections with others in our district.  A frequent comment from teachers is how much they learn from their colleagues in other buildings when they actually have time to sit down and talk with them.  I am challenging you to continue making those connections for your students.  We are going to start our discussion about some tools that will foster those connections, and brainstorm ways we can bring this experience to our classroom.

I really enjoyed reading your blog postings and the work you have all been putting into your websites.  I find that writing on my blog is a great place for me to reflect on what is working and areas that I may need to concentrate more effort.  Your blogs and websites are allowing your students, parents, and the larger community to be involved in understanding and shaping your class.  Thank you for the time and effort you are paying to this resource.  

Friday, December 7, 2012


I just stumbled across Ted-Ed. Ted-Ed is a service that utilizes featured Ted Talks and has created animations, and other academic materials like lessons, questions, and further resources. These features alone are great tools for teachers to use with their classes either for direct instructional material, or as supplemental resources. But, as promised in the intro video to Ted-Ed, this service allows you to edit these lessons and questions and share them with your students to track their understanding of the content, AND, you can now apply these features to any YouTube video, meaning ones you find, or ones you have created. This is a tool that now allows teachers to take the videos they would like to use from YouTube, construct lessons around them, embed questions, and share directly with their students. What a great way to expose your students to new content, or allow them to dive deeper into areas of interest or areas where they might need more support.

I can't wait to check this out in more detail with my teachers.

Check it out: http://ed.ted.com/

Tech the Halls

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

G Class Folders--this will change your life

G Class Folders is a script created by Bjorn Behrendt that organizes your Google Drive folders for you and your students.  Gone are the days when students had to share each and every document with you and your email box was bombarded with reminders of these docs invading your Drive.  Now, you can run this script (in a spreadsheet template) and the folders will automatically be created in your and and your students' Drives.  It's amazing.

I ran a 30 minute session yesterday to introduce this to my teachers and help them set it up.  We were able to get all of them set up in 30 minutes.  When was the last time you were able to run a workshop and complete an activity in 30 minutes?

Below is my Google Doc from our session.  Bjorn was great to agree to be on the backchannel which helped us answer a few questions.

A helpful tip we discovered yesterday:
Make sure all of the student emails are correct.  If one is incorrect, that folder will not be created correctly.  You will know this because it will say that there is an error on that line.  Don't fix it and run the script again, go back to your Drive, trash your new class folder and then go back to the script and run it again once it's been corrected.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Setting up GClass Folders

OQS has had the most people sign up for our first 30 minute tech session so I will be hosting the first session at OQS in the lab on Wednesday.  Congrats!

This workshop will show you how to set up your Google Docs folders to easily share and manage your own documents and your students' work.

The information session will run from 3:30-4:00.

If you would like to stay from 4:00-4:30, you will have time to start setting up your classroom and/or folders.  If you are staying for the work session from 4-4:30, please come with access to your class list(s), and/or topics for folders you would like to set up.

During our session I will have a back channel running through Today's Meet set up for questions and/or comments.  The purpose of this will be to allow for questions and comments during the session while also making sure we stick to our purpose of learning new information in a timely manner.  If you are not familiar with Today's Meet, please check it out.  I will go over in more detail how this will work on Wednesday.  Can't wait to see you there!