Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec-Jan Tech Integration Course Plans and Assignments

For those of you that are interested in what our technology integration course is up to, here is our plan for class today and assignments for this month (modified somewhat for public posting).

December-January Course Plans and Assignments

This month we are going to focus on how we can use technology to make connections with others in our district.  A frequent comment from teachers is how much they learn from their colleagues in other buildings when they actually have time to sit down and talk with them.  I am challenging you to continue making those connections for your students.  We are going to start our discussion about some tools that will foster those connections, and brainstorm ways we can bring this experience to our classroom.

I really enjoyed reading your blog postings and the work you have all been putting into your websites.  I find that writing on my blog is a great place for me to reflect on what is working and areas that I may need to concentrate more effort.  Your blogs and websites are allowing your students, parents, and the larger community to be involved in understanding and shaping your class.  Thank you for the time and effort you are paying to this resource.  

Cheat Sheet Twitter for Teachers--also in our library in the Social Media in Education folder
Three Browser Extensions Every Teacher Should Try: also in our Tech Resources folder
Tech Integration Matrix: also in our Tech Resources folder

Class 12/17/12
  • Intro app demo: QR Codes (15 minutes)
    • download Qrafter app, NeoReader or Scan
    • Take a tour of QR Codes at DBS
    • Discussion about how these can be used
    • To create QR Codes:
    • Go and create a QR code for one or both of the apps you tried and add to our Google Doc
  • Share about apps tried in class
    • Whip Share (10 minutes)
  • Lesson Presentation: Locke and Zayas (5 minutes)
  • In pairs: report out about VT Classroom Scenarios (15 minutes)
    • discuss strategies/ideas you found helpful
  • New material: Connections (15 minutes)
    • Choose a tool: VoiceThread, WallWisher, Google Docs, Popplet, Skype, QR Codes, etc. to pair up with another class in the district.
    • Spend time brainstorming what tool you might want to use and your plan for using it.  
    • Before you leave class today: What stuck with you WallWisher:
    • Can leave when you are finished.

Assignments for January Class
  • Class Readings (they are above and also in our Library on Edmodo
  • Connection Assignment
    • Choose a tool: VoiceThread, WallWisher, Google Docs, Popplet, Skype, QR Codes, etc. to pair up with another class in the district.

  • 2 post expectation by next class
    • Post about your experience connecting with another class in district
    • Post on Digital Citizenship lesson.

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