Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Professional Development Courses at Marlboro

Marlboro College is offering some great graduate courses around technology.

This looks particularly interesting:

MAT622 - Tranforming Learning with Mobile Devices 
3 credits
Tablets, smartphones, readers and other mobile devices are rapidly becoming part of the learning landscape. This course will explore and evaluate features and resources to leverage when integrating mobile devices in instructional design and curriculum. Course topics will include apps, multimedia, and multimodal resources such as ibooks, ebooks, iTunes U and Open University. There will be a heavy focus on moving beyond consumption into creation and collaboration with mobile devices, using text, audio, images, and video. Personalized learning, accessibility, and other pedagogical considerations will be explored as we pursue a creative inquiry into what type of transformation is possible with mobile devices. This course is fully online and asynchronous; two synchronous online meetings will be arranged once the course starts. A tablet or mobile device with the ability to capture and edit images, videos, and audio, and up to a $50 budget for purchasing apps will be required. This course will focus on iPads/ipod touch/iphone. Other mobile devices may be used instead of Apple devices with permission of the instructor. Please confer with the instructor about using non-Apple devices prior to enrollment.

Check out the full list here: http://gradschool.marlboro.edu/academics/edtech/courses/

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