Thursday, January 17, 2013

Classroom Connections

One of our fourth grade classes at DBS created a video to help explain their learning about the three states of matter.  When they were finished they shared their video with first grade students at WRS.  The WRS students watched the video multiple times and sent some feedback to the fourth graders.

Watch their videos here:

Dear Mrs. Gilbert's Fourth Grade Class,
     We watched your States of Matter Video that is on your class blog.  Our Class learned some facts about the states of matter. One thing we learned is that if you break something apart. It stays the same weight. Another idea we learned was that when you pour liquid into different shaped containers their weight stays the same. We also learned that all matter takes up space. Lastly, we learned that gas molecules move quickly. These were just a few things we learned from your video.
           We liked many things about your video. An example was how you moved around in the video, using your hands and your body. Another reason we liked it was when you used expression with your voices. Our class liked the way you used many materials to teach us about the three states of matter.
Thank you,
Mrs. Locke and Mrs. Zayas First Grade Classroom

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