Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Tech Resolutions

While January 1st doesn't really feel like a new year to teachers (that happened in September), I am still sentimental and like to use the January 1st date to kick off some new tech goals.  Here are some ways I plan to incorporate tech in the New Year.

1) Develop our YouTube Channel for Hartford
We are a Google Apps for Ed school and thus have access to creating YouTube accounts that link to our gmail accounts.  While I and some of our teachers are using this feature, it would be great to have a school or district YouTube account where we highlight student work.

2) Digital Connections
I plan to continue to find and support tools like Twitter, blogging, Google Docs, WallWisher, Popplet, that encourage collaboration amongst our students and teachers.

3) More Learning
I plan to set a monthly calendar of professional development classes for teachers to continue to learn new tips and tricks of how to integrate technology.

4) Create iBooks
I have been playing with iBook author, and love the potential for student and teacher created resources.

If you have any new tech goals that you would like help achieving this year, let me know and we'll tackle them together.

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