Friday, March 1, 2013

Feb-March Tech Course

If you are interested in following and/or participating in the work we are doing in our technology integration class, here is what we covered in class yesterday and the assignments for the next month.

February-March Course Plans and Assignments

Class 2/28/13 in the WRS Lab 3:30-4:30

  • Intro App Demo: (10 minutes)
    • Nasa Spacecraft 3D
    • Penultimate
  • YouTube Debrief (5 minutes)
  • Presentation/Workshop Discussion (10 minutes)
    • In pairs spend 5 minutes discussing your initial thoughts about a presentation or workshop.
    • Whole group share
    • Things to consider: do you want to do a ‘tech-fair’ at your school, do you want to present at a staff meeting, do you want to run a workshop at inservice, do you want to run a 30 min after-school session with me?
  • Lesson Presentation: Mary Anne Rankin and Sandra Rhoades (20 minutes)
  • Revisiting Old Material:
    • For this next month choose one area that we have explored in this course, YouTube, Blog and Class Websites, apps we have used, VoiceThread, WallWisher, Google Docs, Popplet, Skype, QR Codes, etc. and spend some time this month trying it out again or trying out something you haven’t had a chance to explore yet.

Assignments for March 18th Class @DBS (10 minutes)
  • Presentation or Workshop Plan
    • Come to class with a draft of your presentation/workshop plan to share with others.
  • Come to class ready to share which tool you explored in more depth this month-no post required.
  • 1 post expectation by next class
    • Post on Digital Citizenship lesson.

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