Wednesday, March 13, 2013

YouTube for Me (Today's 30 Minute Workshop)

YouTube Workshop
Location: HMMS 210 Lab

(We'll view the first 5 minutes)

  • Your YouTube Account
  • Where your YouTube videos are stored
  • Like a folder for collecting and organizing YouTube videos
  • YouTube Channels you like to follow or get regular videos from

Setting up your Channel

Uploading Video

Creating Playlists
  • Playlists are like folders
  • Helps to organize videos into topic or content areas
  • You can add videos to playlists when you upload them
  • You can add found videos to playlists by clicking on ‘add to’ button below the video

Subscribing to Content
  • Find a channel you would like to subscribe to
  • Click Subscribe button
  • Now in your channel you can click on subscriptions and view videos from your subscriptions rather than having to search for them.
  • All new videos will be sent to your subscriptions page.

Sharing Playlists
  • Click on the title of the playlist you want to share>then click share
  • You can embed, email, or send the link to those you want to share with

Sharing Videos
  • click on share symbol to share a single video with others.

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