Thursday, April 11, 2013

April-May Tech Integration Course Plans and Assignments

Class 4/11/13 in the DBS Library 3:30-4:30

We are in the homestretch!  This month we are going to continue to focus on ways we can share all that we have learned this year in our tech adventures.  While many, if not all, of you feel that there is still much to learn, you should feel confident in your experiences and knowledge of technology integration.  This month, please spend time finalizing your plan and conducting your workshop for staff, reflecting on your year of using mixed devices, and setting goals for continued work in integrating technology.

Class Plan:

  • Intro App Demo: My Math Script, Flipboard (for personalized class reading) (10 minutes)
  • Presentation/Workshop Check In (5 minutes)
  • Lesson Presentation: Lanni Luce West/Linda Gilbert/ Mariann Thompson (15 minutes)
  • Google Hangout Reflection/Issues: (15-20 minutes)
  • Digital Citizenship reflection and next steps for HSD
  • Reflection/Goal Setting

Assignments for May 20, 2013 @WRS (5 minutes)

  • Google Hangout with another class or someone else
  • Reflection/Goal Setting
    • Post about Google Hangout experience
    • Write/create a reflection about your work this year including your goals for continued work and possible supports needed for next year.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dynamic Landscapes 2013

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to go to Dynamic Landscapes on May 16th and 17th.  This tech conference is filled with practical and inspiring workshops.  We even have a few workshops from people at HSD on topics like using iPads with Special Education students, mixed device instruction, and using Trimble SketchUp and Google Earth.  There are quite a few of us from HSD that are going to be attending, and it would be great to share which sessions we might attend and coordinate our trip.  Please post to our wall if you are going.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute

----------- Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute  -------

Google Apps?  Chromebooks?  Google Keep?  Google Plus?  Google Hangout?  
Which features can educators leverage to create powerful collaborative learning environments?
Find out at Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute  2013  -  or better yet,  send this on to your teachers and staff
Find out more at  about the 6 Summer Institutes happening throughout Vermont
- Northeast Kingdom
- NorthWest
- Central 
- Chittenden County
-Southern Vermont
- Online (for intermediate or Year 2 participants)

The Google Tools For Schools Summer Institute Website has been updated with the  Official Registration For Summer 2013.

More GREAT NEWS  -  by working closely together with CVEDCVT as a partner we have been able to reduce the cost of the institute  AND add value!  

As a participant of Summer Institute 2013  you will will receive a Digital Toolbox that includes  everything you need to experience the Newest Features of Google Tools including  including Chrome OS,  Google Keep,  Google Plus, Google Hangouts, and so much more.
The Digital Toolbox will include a DYNAMIC ebook that contains videos, live links, and  lots of examples of student and teacher use of Google Tools, including examples linked to the Common Core.  It will also include a Chromebook that will give you the experience you need to understand how to leverage Chrome OS  for you and your students.  Your Digital Toolkit will  include a subscription to a lively online community of Google Tools for Schools users to collaborate with during and beyond the course.  Community members will receive access to projects,  cheatsheets, webinars, and other resources organized in a way that makes sense for educators. 

Another  VALUE ADDED feature you will notice is   the  AMAZING Staff of Google Experts from around the State.  And no matter which location you attend,  you will have ACCESS to their EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE as we all work together to develop the most up to date materials and resources for you based on our area of expertise.

So sign up now  at and come learn from: 

Lucie deLaBruere  
    Google Apps Certified Trainer
    Google Apps Certified Teacher
    Google and Mobile Tools 
    Google as e-Portfolio Specialist

Elizabeth McCarthy 
    Google Apps Certified Trainer
    Google as e-Portfolio Specialist

Jean Campbell
    Google Apps Certified Trainer
    Chrome Management / Domain Administration

Linda McSweeney 
    Google Qualified Trainer
    Google Search Specialist

Bjorn Behrendt
    Google Apps Certified Trainer
    Google Domain Administrator
    Google Apps Script Specialist
Dave Davidson
    Google Maps/Earth Specialist

Matt Allen
    Google Apps in the Classroom Specialist
    Google Search Specialist
    Google as LMS Specialist

Tony Galle
    Google in the Arts Specialist

Bonnie Birdall 
    Google for Younger Learners Specialist

Eric Hall 
    Google in the Classroom Specialist
    Google Domain Administrator
    Google and STEM specialist

Graduate Tech Courses Available at Marlboro

Registration is open at Marlboro College Graduate School for Continuing Education classes. Spring Term begins May 3rd and finishes on August 10th. There are blended and online classes tailored for summer schedules.

Tech4Educators, (3 credits) Description:

Each summer tech expert and veteran VT teacher, Lisa Brooks, guides teachers in the building of lessons & practical content for use in the coming school year. This class is for teachers, specialists, and administrators in K-12 and higher education. Because the content changes yearly, even if you’ve previously taken Tech4Educators the course is open to all for additional credit each year. Online class begins May 3rd, in-person week-long class: July 8-12. Possible projects we’ll explore this summer are:

•       How to assign and manage a 3 minute video documentary without knowing how to make a video.
•       Find and vet tablet apps in your content area and develop lesson plans
•       Make and test resources to “flip your classroom.”
•       Build simple Web sites, templates, and wikis for teacher and student use
•       Make better graphics, photos, and videos

Contact Joe Heslin: 802-258-9209
Register Online:
Course Info:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Google SketchUp with help from HHS Students

Today the 5th grade at DBS learned the basics of using Google SketchUp.  A few Hartford High School students in Mike Hathorn's History of Hartford class came to teach and lend support as the 5th graders spent 30 minutes building dog houses. The 5th graders have been studying energy in Science and will spend the rest of the week building energy efficient houses using Google SketchUp.  Thank you to Mike and the high school students for all their help.