Thursday, May 23, 2013

Subscription Suggestions

As the year winds down, we inevitably start thinking about next year.  If you're like me, you would like to spend the summer trying new things and getting your materials in order for next year.  If that's the case, here are some suggestions for subscriptions that you might want to try over the summer and get setup for next year.  Your students will think you're the coolest.

Hapara Teacher Dashboard: this service creates a Google Dashboard to help you organize your students’ work in Google Apps.  Some great features of this program allow you to quickly and easily share assignments with students, utilize student dropboxes for paperless assignments, monitor student work, and manage student blogging to name a few.  Check out their demonstration video.
Cost: $4 per student

AirServer: If you have iDevices in your classroom, this service allows you to wirelessly mirror (no more dongles) what is on your device to your computer for projection.  This is especially great if you are using devices with students as they can easily pull up their screen to display to the whole class.
Cost: $4-12

SpellingCity: This service is web based and also has an app.  Create customized lists and practice activities for students.

VoiceThread: We have a district account, so just let me know if you would like your class setup and an introduction to how to use this incredible tool.  Possibilities for student collaboration are endless.

Glogster: Glogster is a great tool for creating interactive posters.  Students can use this to share what they know using videos, text, audio, and images.

If you're interested in any of these sites you can set up a free account to get started trying them.  If you decide you would like a subscription, please let me know.

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