Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Google Apps Parent Letter

This is a template letter we use to communicate with our families about our use of Google Apps in their classes.

Dear (insert school or class) Students and Families,

Hartford School District is now using Google Apps for Education which means the following:

Students in our (class or school) will now have Google Apps for Education accounts in school.  These Google accounts, which will include (insert tools used for specific class).  For the security and safety of your children, their Gmail account may not be used to send or receive email accounts outside of the (Hartford School District/School/Class) if they are in elementary school.  This means that parents will not be able to send emails to their students and vice versa.  

Google Apps for Education affords us many wonderful creativity and collaboration tools that we can use with our students.  (Teachers/insert teacher name here), in conjunction with the Technology Integration Specialist (insert name here) have determined which Google Apps are appropriate and useful for use with our students.  All students will review the Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures to ensure that they are clear of guidelines that will ensure safe and responsible use of district technology resources.

If you would like more information about Google Apps for Education, please visit this website:

If you have any questions about our use of Google Apps for Education, please contact us using our email below.

Thank you,

Name and Email of sender(s)

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